Here’s one of many many testimonies of what I know He likes. You see I am a single mom of four little ones and as you know that means a financial burden. About 5 years ago in December, I was working and serving…and serving and working. My bills were more than I brought in, I barely had any food and Christmas was not looking like an option. I had always known about seed, time and harvest and God wanted me to do more than that….He wanted me to experience it!

My four children and myself were attending our typical Wednesday service. We always arrived early to help prepare the building. On this particular Wed, one of the ministers were placing little numbers on the bottoms of chairs. As service began we sat in our normal area listening close. We approached the part in the service where a random number was pulled out of a hat several times. One of those times, one of our 5 chairs was called, so we received a $50 gift card. I was very happy since I was so broke. Almost as soon as I held that gift card (before I knew the amount) I heard loud in my ear….That’s not for you.

Huh? So I asked….I’m not supposed to spend this? And this is the point where God identified His voice to me. He said, THAT’S SEED NOT BREAD! Then He asked me a question, Is that enough to meet your need?? I said, no actually it’s nowhere close to being enough Lord. And He said, THEN IT’S SEED. Then He moved my heart to whom it was for and I couldn’t wait to get it to her. The next day at work when the break room was empty, I slid it in her book I saw her reading.

Five days later a lady tells me a family wants to sponsor my family for Christmas. Three days after that, in the evening, there’s knock at my door and gifts are being delivered that won’t fit under the tree and FOOD!

I know beyond any shadow of any doubt that God likes us to EXPERIENCE Him and all His goodness that He has for us. I have always had a heart for giving but the Lord revealed a key to His Kingdom to me that day. Praise God from whom all Blessings flow. Jesus is Lord. If you don’t have enough…giving (seed) is the key. May God bless all who read this. Amen.

Tean Angel Carter